Diana Forsell

Having had a brother who frequented the Children’s Hospital with chronic asthma in the 60’s and 70’s, Diana realised how isolated and bored kids could get in hospital.

“In those days children weren’t allowed to visit in hospital. We had to wave to him in the window. He looked so small and just wanted to come home”.

When she heard about Project Boost from a colleague it just pushed all the right buttons. “It’s such a change from my day job. There’s always a different dynamic when you turn up, not just with the kids but also with whānau and friends. It’s great that something so simple as playing with kids, helps.”

Diana is a Project Coordinator who helps run training sessions and support Volunteers.

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie has been volunteering with Project Boost since 2016 and now is one of our volunteer coordinators. She enjoys the fun and friendly group of volunteers and being part of brightening the day for children and families at the hospital. Every visit is different and rewarding, which keeps our volunteers coming back. Stephanie says it‘s a great way to connect with the community and keep your silly side alive and strong.

A top tip for aspiring board gamers: don’t be afraid to break the rules, it’s usually more fun!